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Lots of Lavender Gift Set

Lots of Lavender Gift Set

$ 27.00
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A slight update for this gift set.  The 1 oz jars are impossibe to obtain currently. I still have 2 oz jars in stock so have adjusted this gift set to include the 2 oz jar and have adjusted the price to reflect that change.  Thanks for your understanding.

Lots of Lavender Gift Set

Calming aromas of lavender fill each item in this gift set for a relaxing, tranquil and soothing experience. The fun part is you get to choose the 2 soaps that make up the design. Whether it's a straight up lavender or a blend of lavender with other delectable aroma notes - you will find two that  are just as unique as the person you plan to give it to. 

Your choices include: Lavender, Lavender Chamomile, Lavender Fir Pine Jasmine, and Vanilla Lavender

This set makes a thoughtful present for a special occasion and to a special person. Think graduate, teacher, friend or mom. Whether it's to say "Congratulations" or "Thank you, for all you do." It shows there is a practical yet fragrant way to celebrate.

Set of 2 soaps  +  Shea Butter Body Cream

- 2 -  4 oz. soaps you choose  <make your choices from the drop down>
- Lavender Shea Butter Body Cream  (2 oz)
- and a surprise sample soapy heart. 

This gift set comes ready to give, packaged in an eco-friendly recyclable box, color coordinated wraphia paper ribbon and shredded colored crinkle fill inside for additional pizzazz.


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