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My Story

How I got started

My name is Hilary and in 2009 I became an “accidental solopreneur”.  After 25 years in a corporate environment I graciously transitioned out of my high technology profession to take on some well deserved and needed time off to rest and decompress.

During that “down time” I fell into a new and exciting world of artisan soap making. I've always been a creative individual with very limited time to exercise that passion – until then. I began getting educated about handcrafting soap by attending local classes and taking online tutorials from very skilled and well respected teachers in the industry. I believe this exposure unleashed an “entrepreneurial” spirit I never thought I actually had. Amazing what we learn about ourselves when we go through life transformations. At this point I continued along developing a creative and artistic style that shouts out festive and fun when you look at my soaps. A soap that when you reach for it gives you great pleasure through it's aroma and lather. And helps you turn your shower or bath into a calm and stress relieving experience.

In fact that's why the business name is - A Slice of Delight!

The world headquarters  is located in Berkeley, California in a 2 story - 1920's bungalow period home where I have lived for over 20 years.  My “soap cave” is integrated within my kitchen where all the action occurs.

I run a lean organization - I manage and have a hand in every department – designer,  maker, packaging, photography, copy, web design, fulfillment, shipping, accounting, marketing, advertising, social media,  customer service and executive decision maker. At times if feels like there is no hierarchy and everyone is dotted line to the other. Makes for a great team! A team of me doing it all.

There are a few other important folks I should mention who are behind the scenes - my household fan club and cheer-leading squad - my husband and identical twin boys. They root for me all the way to the bathtub or kitchen sink (where they can always find A Slice of Delight soap). 









A brief detour

After taking great strides on learning so much about being a small business owner I found myself closing shop for a year from 2011-2012 so my family and I could experience a life opportunity like no other. We moved to Dakar,Senegal- West Africa.

Our year abroad was magical and mystical!!  We opened ourselves up to engage in the culture, the food, the music, the transportation, the religion, the landscape, the language, the history and the 'Teranga' (Hospitality) of the Senegalese people.  We are grateful to have been part of a world we had never imagined.

Getting the momentum back

Upon our return – I was hit hard with reverse culture shock – and a set of disparities that were difficult to come to terms with -  yet I learned to recognize the joy and insight with a different lens on life. 

Through it all I still found the desire to pick up where I left off with A Slice of Delight. And continue the art of soapmaking again which allowed me to carry on delivering a product that uplifts the spirit.  

So here I am back at it since 2012 with the same interest and passion offering cheerful and fragrantly delicious soaps for you to enjoy – as much as I do. And I've grown the product line that includes now bath bombs and hand/body cream. Handmade products that:

  • Cleans and moisturizes your skin

  • Re-invigorates your bath time

  • Delivers you a fresh start

  • Gives you a moment to unwind

Discover the joy of happy and healthy skin just the way you like it!

Quality and Care

My product ingredients come from reputable soaping industry suppliers. And the cello wrapping on all the soaps but the salt bars are biodegrable and compostable.

The moisture rich glycerin base includes a mix of nutritious oils and butters with a proven recipe that has been around  and formulated for over 45 years. The soap colorant supplier is located near my home, close enough that I can ride my bike to the warehouse to pick up my orders. The fragrance suppliers vary outside the state and are top notch. I'm proud to be able to support all indie based companies and two specifically in the San Francisco bay area.

I'm really excited and motivated to continue on this journey and look forward to ensuring you have a memorable experience in working with me, enjoying my soaps making your bath or shower time festive and gaining the trust of my brand. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and gain a glimpse into my story.

If you haven't already I encourage you to join in the fun by lathering up and treating yourself or someone else to
 A Slice of Delight!

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