Handmade Soaps. Bath Fizzies. Body Butter Cream.
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Welcome to A Slice of Delight - artistically crafted glycerin soaps, body creams and bath bombs that are cheerful and fragrantly delicious.  When you reach for any of these products - be it in the bath, shower or at the kitchen sink - it offers you a moment to slow down, lather up, moisturize,  clear your mind and take in the aromatic happiness it delivers. The soaps, creams and fizzies  are rich in natural and nutritious oils and butters -  so your skin will say "thank you". Life can be chaotic at times and my handcrafted bath and body products which are eye-appealing  in design, color and  fragrance - is all you need to get reinvigorated.  A Slice of Delight soaps, creams and fizzies are simple pleasures and offer a cause for celebration of any kind. These festive products make gift giving easy and enjoyable too! Start with yourself and then send one to a friend. Created for all ages from 5 to 105.

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In other words - character references for my handmade soaps !

" Your soaps are glorious!  I *love* all the gorgeous perfumey smells. The Coconut Lemongrass gives me a delightful energy boost!!!  They make great teacher gifts too." - Kalee (parent, cyclist, educator and stargazer)

"They are  all delightful!!!  Some glittery, minty, FOAMY and FROTHY!!!  Like new fallen powdery snow!" - JoAnn

"Hilary's soaps make a shower or bath a delicious experience!"  - Amy