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When I get that question - it's never easy to answer because I love them all at different times.  It may depend on the day, the mood I'm in or the time of year that tends to make some fragrances stand out more than others.  It can be a bit daunting when you first encounter all the choices I offer through out the year – but I  hope you find it a tad bit exciting too!

There is something for everyone going down this journey - and when you read the descriptions - and see the designs and the listed ingredients based on your needs and desires - hopefully there will be a soap that grabs your attention and stands out just for you.

Since there is not an application on the internet that lets you smell the soaps (and if there was I'd be selling that instead ;+}) - I've organized the soaps by fragrance themes to start and from there you can search on aroma notes, holidays, ingredients or color - to help you narrow your decision.

How should I store my soap?

Prior to opening - if you like to stock up - leaving it wrapped in it's packaging and left in cool dry place. Drawer or linen closet.

When in Use - To ensure the longevity of the soap - have it rest on a soap dish that allows it to drain between uses. If you don't have one available I recommend the one in my shop - handcrafted from Oregon.  You can find that accessory here

Soap dishes that are raised leaving room for air to circulate will allow the bar to dry out between uses. If you place the soap bar in a holder that lets the water pool - the soap will get mushy and we don't want that. Keeping it out of the way of the direct shower stream helps too. 

How can I use my soap to the last drop?

The  Ramie Soap Saver Bag I sell in the shop  is great option for you to collect all the small pieces. Simply place them in the bag and use it in shower as a wash cloth.  It can be hung up with the soap inside and simply left to dry between showers. You can find that accessory here