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Shipping Details

Domestic Shipping

Domestic purchases weighing less than 16 ounces are shipped through USPS first class. Domestic purchases that weigh 16 ounces or more will be shipped priorty or flat rate priority mail depending on the size/weight 

Shipping cost is determined and quoted per individual product listing. I have done my best to develop the charges that represents both shipping/handling depending on the quantity/weight of your order.  Appropriate  refunds will be made when necessary if charges exceed the shipping/handling costs.

First Class 

(1, 2, 3 or up to 4 products)  where weight is less than 16 ounces goes First Class Package -  $5.15, $6.00 or $7.50

Priority/Flat Rate

(4 - 10 products) - US Priority Flat Rate - $9.75 - a good deal to get the most out of your shipping dollars flat rate to less than 4 lbs.

(11 products or more) - 4 lbs - 14 lbs  - US Priority Regional Rate Boxes - $12 - $17.00 (varies based on weight and regional USPS zones - please be aware that shipping refunds may apply when you fall into this category)

(More soap than I can count) 14.1 lbs - 20 lbs   - US Priority Regional Rate or Medium Rate - $17.00 (that's ALOT of soap ;+})

International Shipping

To make it the most economical - I am using the International Flat rate shipping pricing. You will get the most out of the international rate by purchasing up to 10 soaps at ONE flat rate. Current rates are as follows for 1 - 10 soaps. If you want more than 10  I will provide you a quote for more than that  for shipping depending on the number/weight totaled.

Canada - $23.00
All other international destinations - $35

One way to make the shipping charges seem palatable - find a friend and share the costs!

International customers are responsible for all fees, taxes, and duties associated with shipping to their respective countries

UK customers - please be aware of your VAT Rates and the Royal Mailer fee -

When you are able by all means reuse (or recycle) any mailing material for your own purposes or if you can, take it to a local packaging retailer for reuse.