Cheerful.     Fragrant.    Deliciously Indulgent.
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In other words - character references for my handmade bath and body products !


" Your soaps are glorious!  I *love* all the gorgeous perfumey smells. The Coconut Lemongrass gives me a delightful energy boost!!!  They make great teacher gifts too." - Kalee (parent, cyclist, educator and stargazer)

"I chose the moonlight pomegranate body lotion for my 5th grade teacher as a gift. Let me just start by saying the fragrance is amazing! It's sweet and relaxing. It's the smoothest thing you will ever feel!" - Sydney

"First off, I'm not a bath person - I'm a shower gal. So, for me to try this was already a stretch. (I'm so glad I did!) I needed a relaxing night so I lit some candles, and ran a bath. I dropped the fizzy in and it fizzed with intensity - I felt like it was a gentle spa" - Dana (nature lover, jewelry designer, and happy camper)