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Special Event Favors

Special Event Favors

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Special Event Image Soap Favors

WOW your friends, family or customers with a uniquely creative soap. You provide your favorite picture, logo, monograms or saying and it will be printed on a special water soluable paper that will be embedded in the soap. Such a memorable and useful gift!! You'll be the talk of the town. Showcase your style with a twist.

Consider the possibilities - a birthday party image with birthday cake fragrance, a picture of bubblegum balls with bubblegum fragrance, an umbrella for a baby shower scented with baby powder, a favorite sports team with a masculine scent, the latest image of your child's favorite cartoon character or video game hero. Or a simple yet fun word done in your favorite font!

Basically the sky's the limit!

Photo examples in this listing are just 2 examples of what is possible - the "Outstanding" logo is an Armed Services insignia for guests of a thank you event. The "SDM Software" logo is an example of company promotional swag given to prospects at a convention.

The soap favors are made in batches of 15 rectangle bars or 16 square bars.

Square: 1.9" x 1.9" x .75"
Rectangle: 2.4" x 1.4 x .75

Weight: ~2.0 ounces.

Your soaps will be wrapped in a cello wrapping with an ingredient label on the back. There is room on 1/2 of the label to include a short message to the recipients if you choose. Packaging is simplified because the image "is" the message!

The soaps are made up of 3 layers -the 1st layer - a clear layer for the image, the 2nd layer - a white layer so the image can "pop" and a 3rd layer. This 3rd layer is the layer in which you can choose to keep it white or have it be a complimentary color associated with the image and the fragrance you want.

This is a novelty soap - you can enjoy just looking at it or use it! I of course recommend you use it. And enjoy the pleasure of the experience, fragrance and memory to which it is associated. Please keep in mind the image is placed within the first 1/8" part of the soap bar for clarity. Based on your variable usage the image will begin to decrease along with the soap and slowly biodegrade away. The image does not last forever.

I have a variety of scents, essential and fragrance oils - that are fruity, floral, clean, masculine and sweet. They may fluctuate in availability so when you contact me we can discuss your preferences.

I have a variety of scents, essential and fragrance oils - that are fruity, floral, clean, masculine and sweet. They may fluctuate in availability so when you contact me we can discuss your preferences.

Please  contact me at for more information if you desire a differenct quantity than listed. 


"A Slice of Delight provided me with a new, unique option for giveaways at a recent industry conference we exhibited at. The logo soaps they created for us were the talk of the show and really helped us differentiate ourselves from the crowd"--Darren Mar-Elia, Founder, SDM Software, Inc.


These are CUSTOM SOAPS and are "MADE TO ORDER". If you are ordering custom soap favors for a specific event date, I like to have them arrive at least 5 - 7 days BEFORE your event.

Processing time may vary depending on how many favors you desire - starting at one week to multiple weeks. To help you understand a bit more of the process. Once I have received your image - I size it and then present you a photo copy as it is shown under the tray. I like to have you get a sense of the visual. And wait for your reply. Once we agree we're 'good to go' - I move onto printing the images in bulk on the soluable paper and begin the soap favor crafting ;+} . Communication is critical in order to keep moving along with the order.

If you have any questions or concerns about timing before you purchase the soap favors you can ALWAYS convo me before we get started and I can assist in providing you a schedule so we are both comfortable with the expected completion and delivery date.



Coconut oil, Palm oil, Safflower oil, Glycerin, Purified water, Sodium hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, Oat protein, Titanium dioxide, Fragrance oil, Water Soluable PaperColorant

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